About Us

Simplicity & depth.

This is about leveraging science, research & bridging academic to practitioners and the world

Action, not just talk.

This is about taking action to make a difference

Be a magnet.

This is about creating the environment for great things to happen

What We Do

We’re connecting leadership and science to radically change leadership performance and help humans thrive at work!

What do you get when you bring together: an obsession for human performance, leadership performance, neuroscience, physiology, an unrelenting desire to disrupt the status quo, motivation to do work that matters, and 60 years of successful leadership experimenting our way to success?


We’re not your typical consultants. We’ve been senior leaders and we know it’s nearly impossible to drop what you’re doing and devote hours and days to _____________.


Jasmine Kernaleguen

Chief Disruptor, Co-Founder

Jasmine Kernaleguen is helping fast growing companies grow faster by accelerating people performance. 

She is on a mission to redefine leader performance and what it means to lead: to create healthy environments where people thrive, unleash their potential and actually want to work.

She is Chief Disruptor and Co-Founder of Rhythmic Leader Science, a consultancy and technology company known for connecting psychology, physiology, and neuroscience,  helping organizations innovate people performance, to power success.

She is a former executive leader with a track record of success, Co-Founder of Vibrancy, writes and curates the https://www.performancerebels.co/ blog, is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, consultant, CEO coach, and dares to disrupt at every opportunity.


Dave Silberman, PhD

Chief Research & Development Officer, Co-Founder

Dave Silberman, PhD is on a mission to liberate people from the small boxes they put themselves in. He is obsessed with ridding the silent suffering of self-imposed limitations in professional lives and organizations. 

Dave is Chief Research & Development Officer and Co-Founder of Rhythmic Leader Science, helping organizations elevate their success via leader performance. His prior career in senior leadership roles spanned across governmental, hi-tech startups, and venture capital spaces. 

Dave is a decorated disabled United States combat veteran and holds a PhD in Human Resources Development. His research focuses on helping organizations strategically navigate human potentiality and the negotiation of workplace and identity-based tension. He co-curates and writes the Performance Rebels blog https://www.performancerebels.co/ and is a graduate level adjunct professor at Boston University.

Make the invisible, visible.

It’s not good enough to hope for the best, that’s hopium. We can help you see where you stand, attract & retain top talent, and figure it out. Let’s talk about what you might need.

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